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ICW doesnt use enough memory

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #1 by 23rubel
At first thanks for creating the program, im using it for a while now and it worked great till yesterday.
Im using a gen2 (i think, it has the light thing on the pad) ds 4 controller on win 10, V1.6.10 programwise.

Im usually using it when playing Rocket League, and by using this program i can prevent a bug called "heavy car bug". basically it means that the car drives like a tank, making it unplayable. When i use this program, and put the Priority of the ICW in the task manager up to "high", it plays perfectly smooth and reactive, a experience i dont get with the native DS4 controller support of the game.

I havent even restarted my computer (i had to download another game over night), and even now, after multiple reinstalls of the program(s) and restarts, it still doesnt work properly as before. It used to be right up on the top 5 in the taskmanager in terms of ram usage with about 11k, now its way further down with 5-9k at max. Instead its now the "InputMapper.exe" which is up top, using about 40k of ram... And of course the game experience is bad again. Which makes me sad, because this little program made the game playable for me.

maybe you have a solution ? I think im gonna try the old version (1.6.9), but idk if this will work due to the "HidGuardian" part being the one that changed, not the inputmapper itself.

Edit: I used the 1.6.9 yesterday, but for some reason the programs says i have a latency of 5ms, which was 2ms before if i remember correctly.

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