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Help! PS4 Controller doesn't show up AT ALL!!! (Windows 7) (2.0)

3 years 1 week ago #1 by Nintega
Anytime I plug my PS4 controller in, the PC will recognize that a USB device is plugged in, but it simply will not pick up on InputMapper! Current Plugins I have are DI Controller Input, Dualshock 4 Input, Keyboard & Mouse HID Inputs, Keyboard Scancode, Mapping, Mouse & Keyboard Emulated, Emulated Mouse, Profile Loader, Scarlet Crush 360 Virtual Bus, Simple Logic, Simple Math, & Stick Adjustment! However, DI Controller Input & Mouse & Keyboard Emulated simply won't enable, no matter how many times I try to. Are there any other pluggins I need? Is there something with the controller itself? Because currently the PS4 controller is the only option I have for PC controllers until I can get a new Xbox Elite controller or have my current 1 fixed.

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