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DirectInput plugin doesn't work properly

2 years 7 months ago #1 by Johnny Gainesville
I have a directinput controller. It works totally fine in Steam, but I have a number of non-steam games (GOG games and such) that I want to use it on and they don't work through steam.

Inputmapper 2 has a plugin just for directinput but it just doesn't work like it should. Within inputmapper 2 I can successfully map every button to the virtual 360 controller and it works when I use the Xinput test, but when I load up any game the buttons are completely messed up. Face buttons rearranged, weird buttons on triggers and D-pad, etc. What gives? Why would it ever do this? Why does inputmapper itself say the controller is mapped correctly only for it to not work in any game? Am I missing something here?

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