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Nick van de Wall
making life on the road more fun thnx
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Benjamin Höglinger
Developer for several drivers used by InputMapper including ViGEm and Fireshock.


A chipset used in most bluetooth dongles.
direct input
An input protocol developed by microsoft in the mid 90's designed to attempt to standardise communication between input devices and games. Direct input has been mostly replaced by XInput for most gaming devices, but Direct input remains fully supported by Microsoft due to the fact that complex devices such as flight sticks and wheels require it due to the more complex and higher number of inputs.
An extremely old mapping software that later became DS4Windows
Prior name that this project used to be developed under.
DualShock 4
Sony Playstation 4 controller.
exclusive mode
A setting required by some games that allows IM to take exclusive access of a device, esentially hiding it from other applications. This prevents double input in most games that are not designed with industry standard input API's.
Human Interface Device
HID is a device class assigned to any device that takes physical user input and transforms it into application regignized input.
The latest name of the controller mapping development project.
An alternative USB bus driver. This can intefere with IM operation and should not be used.
Open Device Interaction Framework
ODIF is a framework written for InputMapper 2 that standardizes controller input channels and types to make them universaly mappible to eachother.
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Users who make a one time donation of $2 or more (or make an equivalent gift donation via Amazon or Steam) enjoy a premium account and never have to worry about in-app ads again. Goto to donate now.
Scarlet Crush Productions Virtual Bus
A driver that allows for a virtual, software controled, USB bus that can allow virtual device to be plugged in via software and be detected by windows as if the devices were physically present.