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Ads have been removed from the latest version of 1.7, still working on making a system that will allow for 1.6 to be ad free.

Been spending a lot of time this week going through some of people biggest complaints with IM and coming up with plans to address them, and among the two are the ads (though I honestly don't get the big complaint), and the ease of use. So since ads are gone it's time to focus on the ease of use, and one of the biggest changes to that will be the mapping UI. For strongly typed profiles (meaning it is built for a specific input device type and a specific output device type) gone will be the old "mapping overrides" list where you have to select from drop downs and lists. Instead will be a UI much like what IM and our branch of DS4Windows had in the past where you select a control by clicking it and easily choose what you want it to map to.

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