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This update coveres some previous mentioned fixes and removed HidGuardian from the application to be replaced with a different method in future releases as covered here: Check In: Apr 18 2017 (Windows 10 Exclusive Mode fix may be coming for IM 1.7 and 1.6).

Bug reporting and debug dump now fixed.

Download: (1.7.6317.17167).exe

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Hrvoje's Avatar
Hrvoje replied the topic: #1 3 years 8 months ago
NVM, you can disable it via the profile selection, but not directly via the menu.
Hrvoje's Avatar
Hrvoje replied the topic: #2 3 years 8 months ago
I would consider using this and testing it if it weren't for that on-screen keyboard that switches focus on any fullscreen application and hangs up any game when i press it. I don't see any reason to use an on-screen keyboard in a gamepad driven environment. Especially since you can't disable it.
Toxicrvr's Avatar
Toxicrvr replied the topic: #3 3 years 9 months ago
One simple thing, macro layout of is better than any of the current ones, other than that no complaints and will be going back to old version simply for this.
Zwip-Zwap Zapony's Avatar
Zwip-Zwap Zapony replied the topic: #4 3 years 9 months ago
I, uhm... I think you messed up with the two features I were looking forward to. There's an option to disable the on-screen keyboard (unless "OSK" means something else) for DualShock 4 controllers... but regardless of how many times I click it, that option doesn't seem to be disable-able (at least through BlueTooth with a non-Sony dongle). Not just as in the on-screen keyboard can still be activated, but the option still has an enabled tick-mark by it. Can you confirm whether it works on your end?

As for the other feature I'm talking about... Wii Remotes don't really seem to work. Before I rebooted my computer, InputMapper detected my Wii Remote... but said it was an OUYA Controller, and the various buttons on my Wii Remote only managed to mess with the left stick's X and the left stick's Y (according to the controller details within InputMapper). As X-Input emulation didn't work at all, I rebooted my computer. Now after doing that, InputMapper again detected it as an OUYA Controller, and both it and my DualShock 4 could be X-Input emulated now, but this time, regardless of what I did to the Wii Remote, nothing changed in the controller details or on the emulated XBox controller. I checked the HID Report Listener, and for some reason, the button bits on it were now being controlled by the gyro-sensors and such... After disconnecting my Wii Remote and re-connecting it, the button bits went back to the way I explained last time in the HID report of my Wii Remote... but it's still detected by InputMapper as an OUYA controller, and it still doesn't react to any input. Really, really strange stuff... I suppose I might be better off looking for something that was developed for Wii Remotes all along, rather than trying out some basic HID-input functionality with InputMapper for it. It's still sad to see, though... and strange to see, too. (Even still, my computer fails to recognize if I disconnect the Wii Remote, until I reboot my computer.) But I know that if any of this button-stuff is your fault, it was probably nothing but a typo or something, and I forgive you, and the disconnecting-ness is definitely not your fault.

Edit: Nevermind about the button-stuff, apparently I was looking at a different part of the controller details before compared to after rebooting my computer, and I think it's the pre-reboot way in the first place now, too... but it still only seems to affect the left stick X and Y (presumably due to being detected as a OUYA Controller), and the emulated XBox controller still doesn't pick up on anything (not even on the left stick's movement as InputMapper says).