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If the spike in donations are any indication, the IM 1.6 launch has been very well received. It has had a few bugs and set backs but as we get into the 1.6.5 patches, things are starting to smooth out and I am turning my attention back to adding features and fulfilling requests.

Ok, so its done (the deed not the code, still a lot more work to do). IM 1.6.1 has been officiall pushed and you guys should start getting update notifications shortly.

Almost there! IM 1.6 is running great and impresses even me, only thing holding me back from releasing it right now is the user account system still needing a tad more work to upgrade it to the new specs that IM 2 will also use. Expect IM 1.6 release today or tomorrow.

Come along as we set our sights to the stars once again! This time we will explore a few new ships and a few new locations!

Become a star citizen and play the alpha immedeatly. Use this link to get 5,000 free credits upon enlistment!

Getting over the flu so not nearly as much progress as I had hoped. But 2 good things that I was able to accomplish was to include support for both the Dualshock 4 version 2 controller that is shipping with PS4 Slims, and the new Sony Dualshock 4 wireless adapter. I have also confirmed the the DS4 wireless adapter exposes the audio port on the DS4 to windows as a normal audio device, meaning yes, you can finally use your headset on your DS4 with PC.