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Macro tool improvements

1 year 3 months ago #1 by Dave
It would be much easier to work with macros if we could drag and drop actions on the 'timeline' instead of using up and down arrows. Also, being able to edit the delays would speed up work. If we want to change the timing currently we must delete all the delays, add new delays and then put them in the appropriate positions on the timeline.

Ability to simply record an input would be nice, too.

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1 year 3 months ago #2 by Wobbles
that stuff is in 1.7

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1 year 2 months ago #3 by Disar
I feel like something like a node editor would be more intuitive. I know that's a different ball game but you can really branch out into complex setups and it's easier to follow the logic from a quick glance.

By node editor i mean something like so : code.blender.org/wp-content/uploads/2012...ion_theme_colors.png

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1 year 1 month ago #4 by Wobbles
I absolutely 100% agree, but without a already in place library to save me from coding the majority of that interaction, it would just be a time sink that could take forever.

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