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Very good software, still a bit buggy to load on Windows 10. It's a life saver for games, cheers for the commitment. The add system is very clever, and I'm happily paying 2.00USD for all your commitment and spent time. Cheers <3
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Check In: Feb 28 2017 (Keyboard and mouse as a xbox controller)

10 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Wobbles
Thanks everybody for the donations...

Thanks everybody for the donations over the last week, together we raised $136.74 (€125.48) for nefarius!

This morning I show off the progress in regards to using the Keyboard and mouse as a input device in InputMapper making KB/M to controller support possible.

There is a new support section on the website for support/bugs, please use this for all future issues: https://inputmapper.com/support

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