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Analog Stick Tuning and Secondary Activation

1 year 8 months ago #1 by Grimm Horizon
Hello all,

First off, let me say that my InputMapper ( works without a hitch. Thanks to information that I have found so far on the forum, exclusive mode and all controls are working like they should.

Now, to my question:

I'm looking for some information on being able to tune my analog sticks better. (i.e. explanations of the different adjustments and how they change behavior, etc). I understand that this request is probably going to be seen as trivial by some, but as a person who is very mechanically inclined and intelligent, I do know that some information is out of my current wheelhouse. I therefore turn to the experts and ask for either a web page with the information, or a knowledge base that I can study to learn it for myself. I have searched on the forum and on the web, but haven't found anything that was using the current version or containing the information I am looking for.

I have done some trial and error (messing with the offset to get it more customized for "my" left stick "up") and had some success, but things like the missing visual instructions in the offset wizard have made it hard to know for sure if I have it set correctly. I know that the program is able to adjust much more than I am currently able to comprehend.

One thing in particular that I had stumbled across, there was a video showing the ability to have a shift+w activate when the stick was moved to max "up". The video showing that particular ability must be a different version of InputMapper, because the instructions for that do not show the same options on my version. Once again at a loss.

I hope that I can get pointed in a direction so I can start learning the finer points of the program.

Thank you for your time!

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1 year 8 months ago #2 by wirenut48
I myself stay away from the axis tuner as I don't want the default axis skewed. Plus I don't believe you can reset the values without deleting the profile or manually editing the xml file. The new version 1.7 will be more versatile and capable of doing what you seen in that video of it. But I'm sure there is also going to be a greater learning curve to accomplish things like that for most.

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