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Anyone having DS4 audio port issues with Fallout76, Fallout 4???

1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #1 by Dre
What im talking about is using the audio port on the bottom of the DS4 controller. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having audio issues, like not being able to hear certain sounds, and certains sounds sounding distorted, specifically in Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 when using the audio port on the DS4.

And before you even ask, all other scenarios the audio works fine. Its SPECIFICALLY when I play Fallout 76 or Fallout 4 with the audio coming from the DS4 audio port does this issue arise. And to be even more specific, Fallout 4 audio never had issues UNTIL I tried the 76 beta and noticed the audio issues there, and since then, Fallout 4 now having the exact issue now. Even tho nothing has changed on my computer besides downloading and installing and uninstalling the 76 beta.

I just want to know if you are using the DS4 audio port to play those games, is the audio working fine or not. Thats all I need to know.

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