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vibration causes mini freezes in rocket league

3 years 7 months ago #1 by Alex
when enabling vibration my controllers (i have a old ps4 controller and the new one with the new light bar) when in game driving around i loose control for a second or two like if im boosting it will continue to boost even if i stop pressing the button for a second or two then normal also sometimes buttons just doesn't work basically for a second or two whatever im doing in game or whatever buttons im pressing they will stop working for a second or two many many times during a match of rocket league (only game i really use controller for)

turning to vibration off sliding the rumble bar all the way left and no problems.

I am using a wired cable Bluetooth does it as well which i thought was the problem at first.
it used to work fine i wouldn't know when or what version of the program i was using.
only things changed since is just installation of games. it's been a while since it worked i just never got around to joining this forum to seek help but i just remember one day when using bluetooth having this problem do i ripped out the usb Bluetooth dongle and plugged in a wire midgame lol and ever since the problem continued. now it's either i works out the problem or have to buy an xbox one controller (they work fine since i have a wired 360 controller that the buttons stick sometimes and that does not do it.

Windows 10 Version 1607 Build: 14393.447
using latest version of IM but and earlier version does it as well

No method about recreating it other then standard install of IM and rocket league just driving around/flipping etc normal things you do in RL just have to have vibration slider about half way or anyway really.

I think it's something in my pc a driver or something idk since i cant find many cases on google of this problem with others so just looking for ideas on what to try.
worst case ill reinstall windows haven't done it in a while so yeah just takes a few hours id prefer not to do right now lol.

I think i have everything that's is asked in the top thread.

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