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Input Mapper working in Windows 10 [ New install, latest update 2-3-2017 ]

3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #1 by Graez
Latest update:

I have it working again. I deleted the Xbox 360 Driver that everyone says to use, restarted the computer, then installed the other Xbox driver package that comes with Windows. Instead, I chose the one labeled "Xbox Peripherals" with the final driver selection "Xbox Controller" ( Instead of the ones labeled "Xbox 360 Peripherals" and "Xbox 360 Controller" ). It seems to be working, now. I have it the executable set to "Run as Administrator" for all users. I don't think you actually need to be using any compatibility mode for it. You may need to restart Input Mapper when changing or restarting games.

However, in Device Manager, it does show both "Xbox 360 Peripherals" with "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows" and "Xbox Peripherals" with "Xbox Controller".


First update:

Looks like I had jumped the gun on this. I must have installed Input Mapper before Windows did the final updates and now it's not working, again.


Try using the Windows Compatibility Mode Troubleshooter or just go the the Properties Tab of the Input Mapper executable file [ InputMapper.exe ] and set it to compatibility for Windows 8. Sad to say that the Windows systems is what came up with the solution. [ Microsoft did something right! ] I'm not sure if it is still necessary, but I am using the exclusive mode tool supplied by Wobbles [ Input Mapper developer ].

I had been trying to get this to work for a few weeks after buying a DS4 to replace another controller that I had liked but finally died and I wanted to try something new. After much swearing and gnashing of teeth, it finally works.

I'll update if anything comes up.

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