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InputMapper, Playstation 4 controller, and Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain

3 years 2 days ago #1 by EmptyUnder
My household owns two PS4 controllers. We've been using them our PC with the InputMapper program to play Steam games for about a year now, and it's been great. The program has worked for every game with controller support and we couldn't have been happier. Then I bought MSG 5 TPP and now both my PS4 controllers BlueTooth capabilities are botched. Let me explain:

I would play MGS 5 TPP via BlueTooth no problem. But when the battery on my PS4 controller got low I plugged it in via a USB cord to my PC while playing MGS 5 TPP. After I did this the controller will no longer work via BlueTooth. I tried to re pair the controller to my PC, reset the controller with the small button on the back, hold the PS button & Share button to reset the connection. My PC can't register my PS4 controller via BlueTooth no matter what I do. Even the PS4 controllers blinking when I try to connect is different. It used to blink 2-3 times, go a solid color for a couple seconds, and then connect. Now it just blinks 6 times and does nothing.

So I set my first controller a side and started using my GFs. I wondered if it was MGS 5 TPP causing the issue so I only played it via BlueTooth and when the controller needed to be charged I would do it while I wasn't gaming. But tonight I though: 'no reason to be paranoid' and just assumed my first controller died of its own accord. I then plugged in my GFs controller into the USB cable and turned on MGS 5 TPP. The controller lit up bright red, even though it was at 50% battery, and I knew something was wrong. I turned off the game, unplugged the controller, and now it no longer connects via BlueTooth as well.

I created a thread on MGS 5 TPP discussion board on Steam and people are saying that the game doesn't need 3rd party support for controllers and if you run them while playing the game it mucks up key bindings and does all sorts of other wonky things. As far as I can tell: MGS 5 TPP (for PC) + InputMappter + PS4 controller connected via USB = Permanent disables BlueTooth for the controller???

I'm writing this thread in hopes of gaining some clarity on the subject. As I can tell at this moment my $80-$90 worth of controllers just got damaged over the situation (they are still usable via USB at least). I hope you guys have been info then I'm getting from the steam boards.

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #2 by wirenut48
These are mainly windows issues, along with how games support controller input. BT and USB are treated as different controllers so the DS4 can only be connected one way or the other. IM will recognize the switch but games may not. Nothing was broken until you started messing with the DS4's BT connection with windows.

Windows BT management can be a bit tricky. Once you try to re-pair or reset the DS4 you lose the BT connection with windows. Windows won't recognize it as a new device because it thinks it's already paired. You'll need to remove the old device from windows before you can re-pair it again. Either thru BT management or the device manager.

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