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Map 2 funtons to 1 button (Xbox One controller)

2 years 3 months ago #1 by DJHarmonics
Hello, I just installed input mapper and I'm trying to have my LB button activate X and LB.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #2 by wirenut48
Just create a macro with LB as the trigger and X as macro output. You may need a wait for release added at the end if necessary to keep the button pressed until you release the LB. Then LB will send the default command mapped to it along with the macro.

If you are using an Xbox one controller, the Nightly builds may work with it(but don't think he has a plugin for that setup yet), but does not have macro support yet. But may be possible with that version to map two outputs to one button. All other versions of IM are solely for using a DS4 as a 360.

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