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Left stick also engaging camera movement? No arrows/directions on Offset Wizard?

2 years 2 weeks ago - 2 years 2 weeks ago #11 by wirenut48
Radial deadzone is the most common, it is a circle around the center to adjust for centering calibration.
Axial runs the length of the axis at the assigned deadzone width. But this also should keep the cursor from drifting, so it must not be working properly(or broken sensitivity was the cause). This type would not be desired for player or camera movement as there would be a dead spot when crossing the axis.

I did notice the cursor drift moving the left stick with your profiles, but stopped doing it when changed right to radial(but also changed the sensitivity settings). Maybe there is some bad code in the axis tuning mixing the sticks up. Could be the sensitivity doing it as we know that is broken. So I would try leaving the sensitivity at default as all it does anyway by lowering it's value is crop the high output values. So the full movement outputs less than full value but spreads the lower values through full movement. Down side to this is you won't be able to achieve the faster speeds of the higher values. This is when a sensitivity macro toggle would be handy, but not much use when it's broken.

I don't see him fixing any of this as he is needing all his available time in getting 1.7 out. Which essentially is the fix for all this.
If you haven't already you should check out his latest check-in video which covers his plans for mapping and axis tuning.

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