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xbox streaming doesn't recognize controller output

2 years 9 months ago #1 by jrk2401
I'm trying to stream from my xbox one, through my pc to my phone using Kainy.
I'm hoping to use Inputmapper2 to map Kainy's controller output through to xbox streaming.
I have a bluetooth gamepad (mocute) that I'm use with Kainy.

I've made pretty good progress getting Inputmapper2 set up.

Kainy is picked up by IP2's 360 input plugin. I have that 360 controller mapped to Scarlet Crush output.
Both the mapping utility and xinput test show the appropriate values when I press controller buttons, or when I use Kainy's touch screen mapped button. This is all good.

Where it falls apart is when I fire up xbox streaming in Win10. The xbox app reports that the PC has no controller attached.

I tried installing the xbox 360 controller drivers as suggested in a another post here, so far it made no difference.

Any suggestions are welcome!


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